Let’s understand a few useful Kibana query languages which can be very useful for Production debugging.

Terms Query

Terms queries are used to match values. Give a field name and then values of it space separated.

http.response.status_code:400 401 404

In the above example HTTP.response.status_code is filed name and 400 401 and 404…

Nowadays on all informative websites like medium Reddit, all articles are open for voting. Which shows which article is more popular and which one is less popular. We will be looking for Reddit where only upvotes is there no downvote is available. …

Object orientation is one of the most useful things in programming. We are going to discuss how classes are handled in python.

How to create a class

  • Line number 1 we are defining that it is a class.

The __init__() Method

A function that is part of the class is called method. The __init__()

Python provides a way to import only function/functions as well from another module. Let’s take an example.


def print_base_module():
print("I am base module Only once")

def print_base_module_given_number(number_to_print):
while (number_to_print > 0):
print("I am base Module: " + str(number_to_print))
number_to_print = number_to_print-1


import BaseModule



I am…

When you are selecting a machine-learning algorithm and trying to train it there are two main challenges “bad algorithm” or “bad data”. In this article, we are going to discuss the challenges attached to bad data.

Insufficient Quantity of Training Data

If you want to teach your parents about how to use a mobile device…

Below are few naming conventions suggested by google to follow for JAVA.

Few rules are common to all. Special prefixes or suffixes are not used, For example, these names are not Google Style: name_, mName, s_name and kName.

Package Names:

Package names are all lowercase, with consecutive words simply concatenated together (no…

We are going to give brief information about all data structures of Redis their use-case and their basic operations.


This data structure can contain Strings, Integer, Floating values.> set name "Hello Redis"
OK> get name
"Hello Redis"> set number "1"
OK> get number
"1"> set float "1.0"
OK> get float

As we all know that Redis is an in-memory database. Many of us will think that what will happen to data stored inside it if Redis goes off. The answer to this question lies in how Redis does persistence.

From the in-memory database the first question inside our mind comes…

How Spring batch works internally we are going to understand that with a very simple program of printing “Hello World” Using Spring Batch.

Below is the working code for same.

Now Let’s try to understand every bit of the above code.

There are totally three main things to understand…

Machine Learning systems can be classified according to the amount and type of supervision they get during training. There are four major categories: supervised learning, unsupervised learning, semisupervised learning, and Reinforcement Learning.

Supervised learning

In supervised learning, the training set you feed to the algorithm includes the desired solutions, called labels

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